Building Audits

From building energy benchmarking to Level 3 building audits, if you need to know how your building measures up, Anjenaire LLC can provide the right level of analysis for you.

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System Cx

Have a troubled HVAC system? Installing new equipment or need retro-commissioning on existing systems? Let Anjenaire, LLC guide you through the process and put our 30 years of experience into the outcome.

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High Performance HVAC Design

Looking to have a high performance HVAC design professional join your design team? Our approach is to evaluate the options, apply cost effective designs to maximize LEED and "Green" projects.

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Energy Modeling

Need to analyze different system proposals or submit energy models for a LEED analysis? Let our experience in Carrier HAP, Trane Trace, Energy+ and eQuest/DOE create the right model for the application.

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Building Asset Management

Ready to leverage the Internet of Things to manage the assets in your building and accomplish more with less resources? Using state-of-the-art tools, we can provide you with a virtual three dimensional model of your facility with all the assets fully searchable in a smart library. Having the right information quickly can improve uptime, decrease labor costs and can improve employee satisfaction and retention. Using a variety of tools including leveraging industry leading gaming engines to provide a user interface that can be customized to any application including equipment monitoring, fault detection and diagnostics, service and maintenance inputs and tracking, third party integration (SAP, Tableau, etc.), this software-as-a-service (SaaS) or CAPEx tool is your platform to greater productivity and resource management.

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Combined Heat and Power

Combined Heat and Power (CHP), Co-Generation, Tri-Generation, are just a few monikers for producing your own power and capturing the waste thermal energy that would normally be exhausted to the atmosphere and putting it to beneficial use. Whether your prime mover is a internal combustion engine, a hydrogen fuel cell, a combustion turbine, Anjenaire, LLC has the expertise to properly evaluate: the thermal integration, potential savings, the utility interface, potential rebates and tax incentives as well as engineer the solution.

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